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Recent Projects
Breaking Away

A new book from A&M Press about how the Texas A&M University System “changed the game."


The Color of Life

A collection of works from Navasota, Texas artist Leon Collins, and the compelling stories behind them.


Celebrating Navasota

A photographic tribute to the historic Texas town of Navasota, exploring the past in the present.


Turning Points

Singular moments along one man's life journey which brought significant change and deeper understanding.

RELLIS Recollections

Both a book and a website chronicle the lengthy history of the Texas A&M System RELLIS Campus.


South College Avenue

An art exhibit featuring images from the storied roadway around which a town and a college grew.


Currie-Gregg Observatory

Oklahoma’s only high school observatory is now listed on the National Register of Historic Places.


College Station Book

A broad and entertaining collection of stories chronicling the history of College Station from 1988-2018.


Tim Gregg: A Proven and Versatile Contributor

For nearly 20 years, Tim Gregg and Turn-Key Enterprises have helped companies, organizations and individuals tell their stories in engaging and meaningful ways.  Through a variety of marketing and communications tools--from public relations and event marketing to video production and web design--TRG and TKVW have crafted meaningful accounts which have informed, influenced and inspired.

Having already worked with some of the biggest and best--Dell, HP, Rice University, ClubCorp, United Way, Albert Pujols and the Women's Tennis Association to name a few--Tim now sets his sites on providing turnkey marketing and communications support to medium- and small-sized, for- and not-for-profit ventures seeking to more effectively, efficiently and dynamically tell their stories to increase success and sales in the marketplace.

Tim seeks to provide full- or nearly-full-time marketing consulting services that go well beyond planning to the actual execution and delivery of strategic and tactical initiatives that meaningfully impact the bottom line.

Explore this website to find samples of Tim's proven successes in the fields of marketing, public relations, community relations, video production, web design, event planning, broadcasting and authorship. You'll be hard-pressed to find a more diverse and proficient skill set in any one person...anywhere.



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