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Are you the type who reads, watches and discusses sports constantly? Do you remember meaningful games, plays and controversies? Do you harbor a dream to someday be a part of the sports world and describe the experience and excitement firsthand to others?

If so, you have what it takes to become a sportscaster, and the new book, Sportscasting 101: The Road to Play-By-Play, will help you understand what it’s taken for many of today’s top professionals to realize their sporting dream.

Written by long-time and award-winning sportscaster Bill Brown, Sportscasting 101 offers advice, insights and first-hand experiences on how to become a play-by-play broadcaster or break into the business in any of the other many opportunities which are available on radio, on television and online.

You’re invited to explore this website and order Bill’s new book, and then begin your journey toward realizing your own sportscasting ambitions.

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Whether you’re pursuing a career in play-by-play or seeking to expand your knowledge of the sports industry, take a seat in the broadcast booth and prepare to be entertained.