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Abuelas de Plaza de Mayo


In Tim's own words:

"A key component to the success of Turn-Key Enterprises has been the extraordinary web design work of brothers Ariel and Gaston Torchia.  From their office--and home--in Buenos Aires, Argentina, the twins have brought an unprecedented level of commitment and excellence to Turn-Key's work in developing and managing websites for the past 15 years.

"Buenos Aires is a city rich in its culture with a passionate populace.  That passion comes through in Ariel and Gaston's work, and it's also o display every Thursday afternoon in the shadows of the nation's famed presidential palace, Casa Rosada.  It is there, at the Plaza de Mayo, built to symbolize Argentina's independence, that a group of women gather to ensure that one of the nation's most tragic chapters is not forgotten.

"The Mothers of the Plaza de Mayo began their weekly protests in 1977, shortly after the country's military dictatorship began a systematic effort to silence its opposition.  Those who vanished--abducted and executed by their own government--were said to have "disappeared."  Estimates today put the number of those who perished in what is called the "Dirty War"--many of whom were young adults--at more than 30,000.  The most significant dissenting voice to those atrocities when they happened were mothers of the victims themselves.

"Those mothers have aged into grandmothers--and great grandmothers--but still, more than 30 years since the end of Argentina's murderous military regime, complete acknowledgement of the perpetrators' identity and actions remains incomplete.  And so, the protests, continue

"In the photo above, which I took on a working trip to Buenos Aires, the banner reads: "Distribution of Wealth."

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