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In The Pujols Kitchen


In Tim's own words:

"Baseball star Albert Pujols and his wife, Deidre, established the Pujols Family Foundation on May 5, 2005, or 5-5-5.  Albert famously wore Number 5 on the back of his St. Louis Cardinals' jersey. Within months of the launch of the foundation until Albert left St. Louis to play for the Los Angeles Angels, Turn-Key Enterprises served as the "official provider of web services" to virtually all things Albert.

"That included his Foundation site; the site for his restaurant, Pujols 5 Grill; and a site--and video production work--supporting Deidre Pujols as she launched first a cookbook and then her own line of cookware.

"Which took me, figuratively and literally, into "the Pujols Kitchen" as the photo taken above attests."

As do these videos:

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