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The OU Club of Houston


In Tim's own words:

"The University of Oklahoma's Houston-based alumni chapter is aptly called The OU Club of Houston.

"The club had a bit of an image problem as it entered 2013.  Interest and participation had stagnated.  The group's longstanding leadership had served well in its time, but had run out of new ideas.  And when the alumnus-volunteer who had long managed the group's presence on the web resigned, an opportunity arose.  

"At least for me.

"My offer to assume communications responsibility for the club was eagerly accepted.  At first, that involved building a new website.  In time, my volunteer labors covered virtually every aspect of the club experience, from events to membership to fundraising to promotion.

"And oh, how we promoted, not only the club, but also the university as well as the school's storied football program."

Some of the fruits of those labors, which required a significant amount of financial support. (and someone had to take the lead to raise that money) can be seen below.

OU Club of Houston Website

Logo and Brand Development

Social Events and Event Promotion

Newspaper Advertising

Outdoor Advertising

Electronic Resume for Tim Gregg

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