The Bible makes clear that it's our sufferings that bring us into Enlightenment and onto new paths. 

What may sometimes seem like a failure, what may feel to us like a fall, is many times God creating space in our lives for us to go in a different direction or to really mature.

By “Embracing The Cross,” we take hold of the real meaning of the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. The way to God, I believe the Bible tells us, is not by climbing up to Him, but by “falling” into our Heavenly Father. 

Opportunities to do this take place every day. 

Let’s say you’ve been passed up for a promotion, or your spouse has misinterpreted your mood after a particularly rough day at the office. When we are wounded, either in mind or of body, whether by accident or purposeful action taken against us, or whether through a devastating event or the smallest of setbacks, life is knocking us down into God. 

As we face “death,” too often we seek a quick and easy change to our circumstances, rather than just holding onto the pain and accepting it for what it is.

            “What you sow does not come to life unless it dies.” 1 Corinthians 15:36.

When we Embrace the Cross and take personal ownership of our sorrows and setbacks, our failures and pain, real Transformation begins.

As you explore this site, as you read about my own story and explore the Bible study lessons to be found here, I'll share more about the nature of The Cross and how our personal death and resurrection episodes reduce our “sin nature” and birngs us closer to God.


Faith in Fellowship

Coming together with other believers in worship and conversation helps to remind us that we are not alone in this world. No matter where you are, when you meet another believer, it's like you suddenly feel at home. That's why God made fellowship so important. He wanted us to come together so that we always know we're not alone. Fellowship gives us a picture of God

God’s Word Is Love

The only force that will conquer evil in this world is the power of unconditional Love. In our courts, in our prisons, in every aspect of the American judicial system, the power of love transforms. Guns won't do it. Threats won't do it. Clout won't do it. Not even what we call “street smarts” achieves the objective. Only love will conquer evil. Only love conquers all. 

Give Yourself to God

Our greatest enemy in life is our own ego, our “self-centeredness.” The Bible teaches that for us to live for Christ, this ego in the form of our earthly self must die. As His creation, we are called into fellowship with The Lord. In taking up The Cross daily, our old self is slowly dismantled and we are transformed from a self-centered to a Christ-centered existence.


"Let us think of ways to motivate one another to acts of love and good works.”
Hebrews 10: 24