A Different Emphasis on the study of the Bible

(Below is a note Judge Bryan recently sent to a friend who holds weekly Bible study classes near Judge Bryan’s home.) 

Your style of holding a Bible class is great and is the classic way to do it. I’ve enjoyed being a regular visitor to your group. 

The men enjoy it.  I can see they do.  My approach to teaching is unorthodox and different.  After 40 years of intense Bible study I have determined that the core philosophy of the Bible is “not I but Christ.”  Not the ego but Christ in and thru me. I, the ego, have been and continue to be crucified with Christ  in order that the life of Jesus will be made manifest in and thru my body.  Gal 2:20; 2 Cor 4:10-11. 

The core of the gospel IS NOT penal substitutionary atonement. IT IS a daily dying and rising participation with Christ.  I die daily.  1 Cor 15:31.  Baptized into His death then raised to walk with Him in newness of Life.  He who is dead is freed from sin.  Rom 6:3-7.  Dying to self!

In my mind, ALL Bible lessons should, in the end, be brought back to this single core gospel truth.  I literally cannot bear sitting in, without disrupting, any orthodox Bible study that does not focus on this core truth.  And that now includes all Bible studies I have ever been a part of other than my own.

The church today, orthodox seminaries, preachers and teachers, is totally devoid of any knowledge of this absolute core gospel truth.  This is flat out amazing to me.  The church today has never heard the true gospel.  My role as a teacher has been to CAMP ON IT in order to get breakthroughs of understandings by the listeners.  No breakthroughs will be attained by only mentioning it from time to time. 

It literally must be brought into EVERY study. 

For these reasons I will never be able to sit in your study without disrupting it.  THIS I DO NOT WANT TO DO: I do not want to disrupt your study.  But if I’m there I will.  Automatic.  I can’t stifle my burning passion to get the true 
out to people.

You have been very gracious to me and remain one of my few best friends.  I love you very much.  But I just don’t think I should attend anymore.  This is in no way your fault.

I would appreciate your understanding.


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Romans 12:2