God’s New Testament Justice

Goliath's own sword was used by David to cut off the giant's head (1 Sam 17); Satan decapitated himself by killing Jesus (Heb 2:14); Haman was hung on his own gallows (Esther 7); the mighty men in Dan 3 who pushed the three Jewish boys were destroyed by the fire they heated 7 times hotter; the men, in Dan 6, who threw Daniel into the lions den were torn apart by their own lion; Judas self-destructed by his own betrayal. Etc etc etc. 

Those who put others on the cross are destroyed by their own cross.  Those who are crucified with Christ are saved by the same cross they are put on.  

God has redefined justice and punishment in the New Testament.  In the Old Testament it was law punishment.  In the New Testament it is self-executed justice and punishment thru the principle of the cross. 

The cross is the only way God destroys anyone.  He lets them destroy themselves as did the bad thief who asked to be taken down from the cross.  He destroyed himself.  The good thief did not ask to be taken down (was willing to be crucified with Christ) and that very day he was with Jesus in paradise.

If you take up the sword against anyone, you will die by your own sword.  (Matt 26:52) God does not ever directly destroy anyone.  He indirectly destroys thru the principle of the love of the cross. 

Satan destroyed himself by putting Jesus on the cross.  (HEB 2:14)

The one who rejects the love of the cross is destroyed.

It's like if you smoke cigarettes you get COPD.  If you hate your enemies daily and put them on the cross you are destroyed.  If you take up the cross daily, absorb the blows and love your enemies you are saved.
Those who chased others into the Red Sea were destroyed by the Red Sea.  (Ex 14 and 15).

The massive armies in Judges 7 who gathered to destroy Gideon and his people turned and destroyed themselves. Same scenario involving Jehoshaphat and his people in 2 Chron 20.

Those who kill all day long are conquered by those who are being killed.  (Rom 8:35-37)

Those who are under siege by the enemy become victorious by walking out of their protective walls and falling to the enemy.  The ones who remain behind the protective walls are destroyed by the enemy.  Jeremiah 21. 

The 10 kings who sided with Rome turn and destroyed Rome.  (Rev 17:16)

A house divided (against itself) cannot stand.  At the cross, Jesus, the Stronger, divided the strong man's (Satan) house against itself.

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God’s New Testament Justice

"Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is—his good, pleasing and perfect will.”
Romans 12:2