Jesus’ Glory While on the Cross

1 Jesus’ glory was intensified when he was suffering on the cross, triumphing over the principalities and powers. Col 2:15. The intensity of his glory came on the cross and remained in his burial, resurrection, ascension and session. Read John 12:23 and 13:31 on his glory at the cross.

2 It is the same with us. We glorify God when are being crucified with Christ.

3 The cross was Jesus’ throne of glory. The Jews mocked him but in their mockery they unknowingly revealed the truth about him. He was glorified as king while on the cross. They put a crown of thorns on his head, gave him a purple robe, put him on his throne (the cross) with a seat and a footstool, and wrote above his head that he is king, affixed him in a high position on Mt Calvary. From that position, He reigns still today as king. See Rev 5:6 which speaks about his glorious throne in the end times: “the Lamb standing (resurrection) as if he had just been slain (the cross).”

4 The cross is the only place we can glorify God. Only as we are dying with Christ to self can we glorify God. Gal 2:20. If so be that we suffer with him, that we may also be glorified with him. Rom 8:17.

5 On the eve of his death, Jesus said, “My kingdom is not of this world,” implying that the glorious throne on which he was about to sit was the cross.

6 When the Jews accused Pilate of betraying Caesar if he released Jesus, Pilate brought Jesus back out before them and “sat down in the judgment seat.” Many other translations say, “. . . sat him (Jesus) down in the judgment seat.” Pilate then said to the Jews mockingly, “Behold your King!” as Jesus sat in the judgment seat.

7 In the mocking context of John 19:13-14, the Spirit leads me to believe the second translation is best. That mockingly Pilate sat Jesus down on the throne, that is truly still His today, and said “behold your king!” which was the truth that none of them then believed.

8 The judgment of God is not Jesus or his Father judging anyone. John 5:22; 8:15. It is always our judgment of Him as he reigns from his continuing position of glory and triumph, the cross of Christ, “the throne of grace” (Heb 4:16) and “the judgment seat of Christ.”

9 Do you believe he is your loving king or do you reject His sovereignty, grace, forgiveness and agape love? You will bring judgment on yourself as you look at him on his judgment seat. That decision will determine your destination.

10 The kingdom and throne of self is vain, empty and arrogant. The kingdom of Christ is the humility, unconditional love and mercy of his throne, the cross!

11 Our kingdom must go for his kingdom to come. Glory to God and to His Christ!

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