The Fire of Hell is the Fire of God’s Love

Satan brought the fire of hell to Jesus at the cross. Jesus took it in the fire of his self-sacrificial love. The fire was one and the same fire.

Isaac of Syria, a mystic, proclaimed that the fires of hell are actually the fires of God’s love, which is experienced as hellish by those who reject such love.

Everyone will have to go through the baptism of fire. 1 Cor 3:12-15. It’s up to us whether we experience that fire as hell or heaven.

Everyone on earth had to go through the baptism of the flood of Noah. It was up to them whether they experienced the flood as destruction or salvation. 8 souls were saved “by the water.” 1 Pet 3:19-21. The rest were destroyed. The flood was one and the same flood.

Who among us shall dwell with the devouring fire? Who among us shall dwell with the everlasting burnings? He who walks righteously and speaks uprightly . . . Is 33:14-15.

The fire of Christ’s cross, like the fiery furnace of Daniel 3, either purifies, frees, purges and saves OR it condemns, destroys and kills.

The cross is like the threshing floor. There the grain is beaten, broken apart and winnowed. The good grain is then gathered into the barn. The bad chaff is blown away by the wind. The threshing floor is one and the same floor. The cross is one and the same cross.

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Romans 12:2